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[Former] Queen of the Veggie Haters

5 Feb

Oh dear, it looks like I haven’t posted in a couple of days since the squash ordeal. Obviously, it has scarred me for life. Funny additional story to add: On Saturday, I went out to eat at a pretty popular chain restaurant for my mom’s birthday. I get many of my food selective behaviors from her, so I found it hysterical that she ordered her birthday steak with a side of, you guessed it, spaghetti squash. And I sh#t you not, she actually enjoyed it. I refused to even look at it.

I did, however, manage to stay pretty healthy while out to eat for the first time since starting my diet bet. I wanted to stay lower on carbs, so I ordered the petite filet with asparagus and tortilla chips instead of mashed potatoes and another startchy side. And yes, you read that right. I, Queen of the Veggie Haters, ate and enjoyed an entire side order of asparagus.

Oh, and I ate broccoli last night. Score two for my pushy parents, fiance, and health teachers who have had to deal with 25 years of vegetable aversions.

Anyways, life changing food habits aside, I also managed to weigh-in this week for my dietbet. This is weigh in 2 of 4 so pressure was riding on me to get to 2% body weight lost (or 50% to goal). Earlier in the week I had built up some major confidence going in to Saturday morning’s truth session. I had hit a big number that I hadn’t seen in months. But life got in the way. I ended up taking rest days on Wednesday and Friday. And my eating wasn’t necessarily the greatest either.

Did I hit my 50% to goal mark?




… (am I not just the most annoying poster ever?)…

YES! I did. My official weigh in is at 1×1.4. That means that I am ahead of schedule at 59% till goal. Since starting Dietbet, I’ve lost 4.6lbs. I’m about .4lbs off from hitting my first weight loss goal prize of a new pair of earrings! HEY-O.

The bad news is that I have to still lose about 3.2lbs in two weeks to hit my goal. Totally doable, right? Well, I have some womanly things that may interrupt just in time for the final, only official weigh-in. But then again, even if I lose 5lbs from this, I will be ECSTATIC  I have been stuck yo-yoing between 1×3.5 and 1×5.5 for three months now, so I am more than happy to be solidly away from those numbers.

So, what did I do to lose 2lbs in one week? Here’s my weekly wrap up:

  • Sunday: 2 mile treadmill run
  • Monday: Kickboxing and core class
  • Tuesday: 5am Boot camp
  • Wednesday: Rest day (but pulled out at 2 min 30 second plank)
  • Thursday: Hour of vinyasa yoga, 30 minute incline walk, free weights class
  • Friday: Rest day
  • Saturday: Body burn

Eating wise, besides the spaghetti squash, fiance and I have been pushing out the clean eating meals and have managed to limit our pasta intake to once a week.

Anyways, I’ll post something more significant later on this week. Until then, eat yo’ veggies.


Things I Dont Like: Spaghetti Squash

30 Jan

Ya know, I try to be all healthy and active 24/7. And even though I have some major food aversions (ask my family about green beans), I do try to cook new recipes and give food at least a fighting chance to impress me. It’s no surprise that with this Paleo and Gluten Free craze hitting dieters that I would eventually stumble upon the miracle food that is [allegedly] spaghetti squash.

I got excited for it. I pre-wrote a blog on how it changed my life, and that I was giving up my carb-loaded Italian ways. I pinned at least four recipes. I proudly tracked it before I ate it. I spoke about it with my coworker (who swore it was amazing…). I WAS READY.

And then I ate it.

Ohmygod I hate all of you. What BS you have sold me, internet world (+ coworker)! Sure, it looks like ramen noodles. But all I tasted was a “pasta” bowl of lies.

This is what I get for expecting too much of my vegetables. You think I would have learned my lesson when I tried the ever popular recipe for cauliflower “popcorn.” But no, I fall in to the “let’s make veggies taste like actual food” agenda. and I end up getting brokenhearted when my 3lb squash still tastes like 3lbs of softer squash.

LIES! (picture from:

I will never forget this kitchen tragedy (probably because there was like 3lbs of leftovers and I am still finding little strands of squash on my dog’s paws).


Random Friday: How To Make a Delicious Chocolate Milkshake

18 Jan

I am participating in the dietbet challenge starting tomorrow, but do me a favor: Watch this video and try this recipe. It looks just delicious.

There’s a whole collection “how to basics” on their channel that really gets me inspired in the kitchen. Too bad everything includes eggs though…

Candy Canes and Creepy Veggies

17 Dec


Isn’t it funny when you’re sick for a very long time and then you wake up and you feel about 90% better? That was my Thursday. After struggling through a workout on Tuesday morning and writing my complaining post about how much I suck at life, I got worse. And then I got better instantly! Not-Really-Christmas-Day-Miracle!

Saturday was my last doctor’s bronchitis related appointment, and my fantastic holistic, witch doctor spent a good half hour going over my general health since she didn’t want to waste her time checking me for the incredibly shrinking bronchitis. I was thrilled when she told me that my blood test shows that my cholesterol is low, my blood pressure is pretty much perfect, and my thyroid is right on track for my age group. Besides my weight, she would say that my body is functioning as a 25 year old should. Right on, man. 

Dont get me wrong, I am still going to hit it hard at the gym this week. I burnt about 400 calories this morning with core and kickboxing. And tomorrow, I am going to change it up and skip my kettlebell class and do boot camp instead.

But my most dramatic change is going to be my meal plan. After speaking to a friend at a party about her use of my old favorite, Sparkpeople’s, meal plans, I thought to myself “Well, she’s doing great… why cant you get back on that wagon?” To be honest, I was never big on following other website’s meal plans. I hate too many foods. Veggies creep me out. And everything takes soooo long to cook.

Luckily, I’ve grown up over the last two or three years. Dating a vegan means I occasionally have to suck it up and eat some broccoli. And I genuinely love to cook or bake. I’ve gotten good at freezing meals and eating them later. Oh, and I am the queen of the mug of scrambled egg whites! Sparkpeople’s plan looks pretty easy to follow. I just modified it so that I had the same breakfast and lunch every day (applesauce muffins with salami roll-ups). And then I picked dinners that didn’t sound too painful to produce or digest.

I just wish that my shopping list wasn’t a million miles long. (But then again, I’m not paying for it… champagne for all!)

My biggest enemy will be three fold: 1.) My grandma’s house. 2.) My grandma’s house 3.) My grandma’s house. Oh, and honorable mention to this:


This little jar of die-a-beet-us fun is staring me down 37.5 hours a week at work. I’m only eating candy canes out of it this week. I promise. I’ll be good!

So, Bronchitis, eh?

9 Dec

Oh dear. I seem to have dropped off the face of the blogging planet- conveniently right as I was getting motivated.

Let me promise you that I am still here and I do think of the blog frequently. But, unfortunately  I suddenly came down with a pretty nasty bout of bronchitis. It hit pretty suddenly. One minute, I was eating these delicious chick pea fritters (recipe below) and washing my gym clothes in my bathroom sink, and then next minute I was laying on the couch struggling to breath and talk.

I had suspected earlier in the day that I was getting sick. Besides feeling “off” at work, earlier in the morning I was in the middle of my kickboxing class when my left arm began to swell and I broke out in these red, itchy splotches. I was coughing a bit, but nothing unusual since I have seasonal and weather related allergies (and if you are in Chicago, you know that the weather went from 50s and rainy to 70s and sunny to 40s and dreary in the span of three days).

Moral of the story: Read the signs and take them seriously. You really dont want to end up like me. Besides the two doctor’s appointments and a 5 hour trip to the ER by myself, I have literally spent the last 6 days laying on my couch, watching LOST on Netflix, and reading Harry Potter. 4 days without going to work has really messed with my mind.

On the good side of it all, I have managed to go to two interviews. One was a final for a job I would LOVE and could see myself making a career out of it. The other, well, it wasn’t really an interview. I basically walked in, the guy talked to me about the organization (which I actually work for currently), and then sent me on my way. No questions about my qualifications or resume. Nothing. I was quickly sent a follow up rejection letter. Even though I was pissed about the non-interview, I was pretty damn disappointed that I was moved on to the second round. Either way, I thought I did alright at the other interview. So, there’s that. I wont know till around the holidays for that unfortunately.

And obviously, I haven’t worked out at all. With bronchitis, I feel like I cant catch my breath and my lungs are burning. I had planned on trying yoga this morning, but as I was getting ready to go, I had a pretty bad coughing spell. I will try tomorrow night.

(Dont get me talking about my eating. While I may be sick, I do have the energy to cook horrible foods like french toast, pasta, and even cupcakes.)

I’ll be back soon enough. Hopefully with the yoga and my heart rate monitor post that I’ve been sitting on. In the meantime, enjoy this chickpea fritter recipe I found on I made these healthier by forgoing tzaztiki sauce (we dipped them in tomato sauce), leaving out the coriander, substituting tahini with natural peanut butter.  Vegan fiance gave it a thumbs up. I coughed them up.


Inch(x)Mile’s Journey

27 Nov

(peeks head from some dark corner of the internet) …




My name is Michelle. This isn’t my first blog. Certainly not my first wordpress. Those past, now deceased blogs are usually some mumbled up mess without a purpose. They scream “I HAVE SO MUCH GOING ON IN MY LIFE!!! (until I dont and then I stop blogging!)” I’m sure google has them archived if you are a master stalker.

Why am I here? Well, I do better when I blog about my fitness. In the past, I’ve been very sheltered and protective with my blog. I wouldn’t put the effort to get to know other bloggers or use social media to reach out. This time, I am going to try something new. I know that accountability works, but what if I actually try to make this a thing. It could work, right?

So. Fitness. I work out, a lot. About 6xs a week for about an hour. If I dont, I gain lots of weight instantly. Probably because I am a serial Italian with an addiction for rotini pasta. I am trying to replace that pasta with kettlebell classes and deadlift squats.

Speaking of fitness, there is also the “diet” part, which I refuse to say I am under. I am trying to eat consciously healthier, though I feel that I should be able to eat tasty and sometimes “naughty” food. I’ll occasionally post a recipe I found on pinterest to try. Dont look for anything original though. I totally suck at improvising in the kitchen.

I’ll blog about other things going on in my life as well. This I am sure. For one, I’m getting married in about 9 months as of tomorrow. That’s a whole lot of potential drama for your to feed in to. Oh! And I have a dog. In words of a friend for the rescue I volunteer for, “She’s a pretty prancer.” Her prancing, long blonde locks, and ability to make vowel sounding, cat mews for attention is why she is named Vanna White.

So, that’s me in a nutshell: Fitness doer, constant eater, prancing dog owner, bride-to-be. I’ve got a lot to write about, and I even have a post ready to write as we speak. I thank you for reading and following along. It means a lot. I hope you enjoy it!