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Day 4, 5, and 6 of The Weekly Challenge (Weekend Wrap Up)

6 Nov

Whew. Been a couple days, right? Sorry for the delay. I had a recap written about Thursday, but wordpress stole it. Then both Friday and Saturday were pretty hectic. Last thing I wanted to do was sit down and write a blog.

But, all in all, I’ve done well. And I’ve done it by making little changes.

For example, on Thursday, I searched my fridge for something healthy to eat with my PB&J lunch. Apparently, we at some point last weekend acquired a veggie tray. For two days I’ve been munching on homemade hummus, cherry tomatoes (a new favorite of mine), celery, and carrots. For a girl who HATES veggies (this is a big leap). My nutrition for both Thursday and Friday were pretty decent:

Thursday- a bit low on calories, but never exceeding any of my limits.

Friday- Still low, but I didn't workout at all and I was carbo-loading for the race the next day.

And in case you are curious of what carbo loading entails… I basically ordered a 10 inch cheese pizza and some bosco breadsticks and ate half of it. Yummmmmy. And so worth it.

As for the race, I’ll be honest when I say that I was dreading it. My running lately hasn’t been up to my normal standard. I’ve been feeling sore and beaten up on almost every run, even when I take it easy. And even though I built myself up to 8 miles, I felt like the distance (15K, or 9.3 miles) might do me in. I vowed to myself that I would take it easy. I would run slower than my usual 12 minute mile pace (in fact, I wrote down 13 minute mile markers on a piece of paper that I occasionally referenced during the run).

Also, let me take a moment to express extreme frustration with RAM Racing. This will most likely be one of my last RAM races. I found it extremely expensive. The expo they advertised was nothing but four booths and a whole bunch of (much more) expensive merchandise. But my main complaint was the lack of trained (and friendly) volunteers. Rant done.

So, Saturday comes and I reluctantly put on my outfit, gathered my gear, and got myself on the 6:30 bus downtown. Here are some pics:

Black Racer

I was really digging the black look...

Grant Park

The weather, at least was beautiful... about 35 degrees and not a cloud in the sky.

The 5K portion of the race took off around 20 minutes late and I began to warm up. Feeling some stiffness in my legs and still unsure of my new shoes (that I only had run on once), I ran about a half mile up and down the start line as the runners began to line up. Knowing that I wanted to go slow, I put myself in the 12-15 min/mile start group. We slowly marched to the start line and I put on my ipod to some slower tempo music.

The first 3 miles went by so quickly. This race followed the same path as my half marathon for the first part. Then it wrapped westward towards the United Center where the Blackhawks played. It was certainly fun to run around that area, but miles 4-6 were a complete bore. To be honest, everything was pretty much a blur once I left downtown. I passed the same people over and over again with my intervals, and I just listened to my music at full blast so I couldn’t really hear anyone around me.

The last two miles were the most fun and challenging. My intervals were becoming slower and slower and the pain I had felt over the last month was beginning to act up. Yet, I was so close that it didn’t matter. As we winded our way downtown and on to Michigan Avenue, I began to push myself harder than most of my past races. However, like a good Chicago runner, I knew that I would have to face the worst thing any runner may face at the last mile… Mt. Roosevelt Road. While only a quarter mile long, Mt. Roosevelt Road is known world wide as being a major biiiiitch. I told myself that I should walk up the damn thing. But the other, more stupid side, wanted to keep trucking up it. By the time I got to the top, I was completely out of it. My energy was at a zero. I ended up skipping my last run interval and walked until I saw Brendan at the finish line. I mustered up enough strength to run the last tenth of a mile.

My watch time was 1:56:06. That’s a 12:30 pace. For someone who spent the night making contingency plans on how to exit the race in an emergency… I’ll take it. I also graciously took the chocolate fondue and cup of hot chocolate at the “after party.”

Spent the rest of the day relaxing until dinner came. We went out to the Chicago Diner to celebrate. SO GOOD.

Ok, as for today… Here are my goals:

  • Clean the bedroom and bathroom
  • Dance Dance Party Party
  • Gentle, non-leg strength training
  • Knit until my yarn is gone
So that’s it. One more day to go!