DietBet and Weekly Update

26 Jan

As you may remember, last week was the official start to my #fitfluential dietbet challenge. In a little over a week, the pot has grown to almost $14K! That’s HUGE.

I weighed in on Saturday morning to start off with and was significantly higher than I had been in weeks at xx5.6. I didn’t plan it that way. I didn’t try to cheat. My weight was just up. I weighed in again on Monday morning and my weight was down about 2.8lbs. All water weight, I know. But I recorded it anyways.

(Of course, this is when people who do not understand weight loss or think that everything is a competition began to jump on the dietbet boards calling those who had lost weight on the first official day cheaters…)

Anyways, my goal of the week was to maintain that 2lb water weight loss. Here’s what I did:

  • Sunday: 2 mile treadmill interval run
  • Monday: Treadmill walk and Elliptical
  • Tuesday: 5am Boot camp
  • Wednesday: 2 mile treadmill interval run
  • Thursday:Free weight sculpt class, elliptical, and yoga
  • Friday: 2 mile treadmill interval run and 25 minute incline interval walk

My goal was to burn around 300-400 calories daily, which I did. I also planked every day for the #plankaday challenge. You can see my plank times by visiting my twitter.

As for eating, I did fairly well. My streak of not buying anything at the work cafeteria is now at almost a month. I did eat pasta twice this week (which is allowed). But one of those times was Kraft mac and cheese. I will give myself credit for only eating half of the box though! 🙂

So, how did my week 1 weigh in go this morning? Did I maintain a 2lb+ weight loss from Monday?


… (the suspense…)

This morning, I weighed in at xx3.4. Which means, I am down -2.2lbs! That’s 28% to goal. I need to lose about 1.95lbs / week, so I am right on track. However, my weight has been stalled at this xx3-xx2 for awhile, so I am hoping that I can pull myself out of the slump and weigh in at xx1.9 next week.


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