R.I.P. My Musical Collection

22 Jan

An Obituary For My Collection of Music:

Michelle’s Musical Library passed away on December 17th, 2012 at 2am following a tragic accident involving a bathroom floor and a HP purple laptop. The Library resided in Chicago, IL; Elgin, IL; Elmhurst, IL; and Kankakee, IL. And while she occupied many homes, The Library fondly stated that “Anywhere Michelle’s ears are is my home.”

The Library worked at various versions of Michelle’s Itunes for the past 10 years. There, it stored many memorable and invaluable pieces including live recordings of band performances, original song demos, mixtapes from old boyfriends, and playlists from high school driving trips. The owner of the extensive Itunes collection notes that The Library’s job will never be replaced nor replicated as losing such important and irreplaceable collections can unfortunately not be duplicated.

The Library’s hobbies included randomly selecting Bon Jovi songs to play in  “Sleepy Time” mixes and constantly playing one of the 10 versions of Wilco’s “Hummingbird” whenever on shuffle. 

However, The Library’s life was not without controversy. After a year of harboring musical radicals such as Cher, Hannah Montana, and other light rock classics, the owner was able to eliminate the damage done. The Library was also known to imbued illegal downloaded music from the owner’s original version of the collection. The Library remained remorseful to her death.

The Library will be missed by Michelle, who remembers it as “one of the best, most random, and uplifting collections of music ever put on a computer.” She goes on to say that, “The Library watched over me as I slept, prepped for dates, hosted parties, planned Dance Dance playlists, and cried myself in heartbreak. Grief cannot be properly expressed in gb.” 


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