Q. How Many Calories Can I Burn While Dropping It Like It’s Hot?

7 Jan

A. 700 per hour. At least, according to my heart rate monitor at last night’s Dance Dance Party Party session. But a note on that… when I dance, I go ALL out. I cant dance at all and I get nervous in crowds. But something about being in the dark with a limited amount of space makes me go all Footloose.

Speaking of which, have we seen this. I love this woman. I want to be her. I hope my future daughters become her (or at least get her dance moves because I couldn’t dance like this girl if I went to DDPP every night for five years):

She reminds me of my favorite dance project EVER: Girl Talk’s film All Day where three professional dancers go through the Girl Talk album while dancing dancing in New York. It’s a pretty awesome love story.

All of these lady dancers! Man. It’s a theme. I should have become a dancer. Oh wait, no I shouldn’t. I cant dance, unless your version of dancing is flailing while awkwardly moving feet. My dance moves are a combo of hippy chick, stoner dance moves mixed with poorly executed SNL parodies of “Single Ladies.” It’s that bad.

But at least I burn a ton of calories doing it!

And my wedding is going to be awesome in terms of dancing. While I am an introvert, I am promising myself that I will UNLEASH at my wedding. My dress is PUURFECT  for the dance floor, and I bought a pair of some kick ass gold, sparkling shoes this weekend that will complete my disco Goddess look perfectly. Dance floor = mine to own.

Here are my shoes, btw. Big props to the fiance for spotting them at a busy Macy’s department store. Also, for letting me get them even though it was totally not in the plans to purchase my shoes. Their so sparkly, it’s obnoxious. And if I am going to throw a big wedding as a person with sometimes crippling and diagnosed social anxiety, I best be the most obnoxious person there.

In other news from the weekend: I registered for one class on Saturday. Yes, one class. Apparently I need a statistics course to become a social worker. Luckily, it’s online so I can look confused and dumbfounded in the privacy of my own home. (who am I kidding… my fiance and dog will both judge me still.)

I also burned an additional 700 calories from boot camp and attempting to teach fiance some basic yoga moves. Both were hell. Just kidding. Boot camp wasn’t that hard. <sarcasm>



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