All I Got For Christmas Is an IPad Mini and the Stomach Flu

27 Dec

I’ll spare you the details, but let’s just say that three days of over eating and indulgence can now be found on the curb five minutes from my apartment complex.

I really overate.

That’s an understatement.


I’m not really what I would consider to be an emotional eater, but there is something about the stress of my grandma’s house (which can be likened to a zoo on acid) and the large platters of assorted chocolates that sends my good intentions of healthy eating out the door. Loud noise = EAT! Everyone mentioning the wedding = EAT! Everyone not mentioning the wedding = EAT! Children running = EAT! Grandma crying = EAT!

It would be a pretty fantastic bingo drinking game, but luckily that is the one indulgence that I do not partake in (much).

So, after consuming a super unhealthy and alarming amount of cinnamon rolls in a two day span, I left my Christmas’d stomach on the side of a road. And unfortunately, all the innocent commuters, small children, a pit bull, and my future brother-in-law were there to witness it. At least everyone can now believe me when I say we left Brendan’s family’s Christmas party early for good reasons.

When anyone asks what I got for Christmas, I’m just going to tell them I got my nifty Ipad mini and a stomach bug. It pretty much sums up the last couple of days.

Oh, and I got this super sweet Iphone cover:


Now Ron Swanson can remind me of how horrible I am for owning and depending upon so many Apple products.

I am digging the Ipad though. All be honest and say that it is just a slightly larger Iphone. But who wants to read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows on their Iphone? I’m hoping the Ipad will tap in to my creative, design side or at least let me be a bit more artistic. I even ordered a bluetooth keyboard for it so I could start blogging on it.

(I have a real computer… but it was broken in some tragic accident involving booze and a drying rack.)

In other, non-Christmas and Tech related news, I actually ran this weekend! I accidentally misread the times of the morning boot camp time, so I had to supplement it with this Cardio Hour class. I had no idea what it was going in to it, so I was alarmed to find out that it was circuits on the treadmill, elliptical, and stationary bike. LOTS of running at 10 minute mile speed on 7.0-10.0 inclines. I’m going to be honest and say that I didn’t do so hot, but I burned about 550 calories in that hour. Maybe I’ll go back… next time I’ll wear my compression sock.



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