So, Bronchitis, eh?

9 Dec

Oh dear. I seem to have dropped off the face of the blogging planet- conveniently right as I was getting motivated.

Let me promise you that I am still here and I do think of the blog frequently. But, unfortunately  I suddenly came down with a pretty nasty bout of bronchitis. It hit pretty suddenly. One minute, I was eating these delicious chick pea fritters (recipe below) and washing my gym clothes in my bathroom sink, and then next minute I was laying on the couch struggling to breath and talk.

I had suspected earlier in the day that I was getting sick. Besides feeling “off” at work, earlier in the morning I was in the middle of my kickboxing class when my left arm began to swell and I broke out in these red, itchy splotches. I was coughing a bit, but nothing unusual since I have seasonal and weather related allergies (and if you are in Chicago, you know that the weather went from 50s and rainy to 70s and sunny to 40s and dreary in the span of three days).

Moral of the story: Read the signs and take them seriously. You really dont want to end up like me. Besides the two doctor’s appointments and a 5 hour trip to the ER by myself, I have literally spent the last 6 days laying on my couch, watching LOST on Netflix, and reading Harry Potter. 4 days without going to work has really messed with my mind.

On the good side of it all, I have managed to go to two interviews. One was a final for a job I would LOVE and could see myself making a career out of it. The other, well, it wasn’t really an interview. I basically walked in, the guy talked to me about the organization (which I actually work for currently), and then sent me on my way. No questions about my qualifications or resume. Nothing. I was quickly sent a follow up rejection letter. Even though I was pissed about the non-interview, I was pretty damn disappointed that I was moved on to the second round. Either way, I thought I did alright at the other interview. So, there’s that. I wont know till around the holidays for that unfortunately.

And obviously, I haven’t worked out at all. With bronchitis, I feel like I cant catch my breath and my lungs are burning. I had planned on trying yoga this morning, but as I was getting ready to go, I had a pretty bad coughing spell. I will try tomorrow night.

(Dont get me talking about my eating. While I may be sick, I do have the energy to cook horrible foods like french toast, pasta, and even cupcakes.)

I’ll be back soon enough. Hopefully with the yoga and my heart rate monitor post that I’ve been sitting on. In the meantime, enjoy this chickpea fritter recipe I found on I made these healthier by forgoing tzaztiki sauce (we dipped them in tomato sauce), leaving out the coriander, substituting tahini with natural peanut butter.  Vegan fiance gave it a thumbs up. I coughed them up.



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