18 Jan

Last night was my first (real) class of the winter quarter. My one class is Budget and Financing for Higher Education Administrators. In other words…

Ok. Actually, it isn’t that bad. While my personality type demands that I should never be handed over a bunch of cash and asked to manage it, I do occasionally dabble in the purchases of my office.

It’s rare.

At least the professor is interesting. He keeps it very open and more of a forum discussion. Having a debate over if tenure helps or hurts university budgets was actually… uh… fun.

What wasn’t fun was after a 10 hour work day + 3 hour class, I came home to find my lovely, wonderful, amazing fiance wanting to talk about budgets.

To make matters worse… we’re talking WEDDING BUDGETS.

I really, really do not mind talking wedding budgets. I’m not so indoctrinated to the wedding dogma that is TLC that I am calling platinum wedding shots, but really…

I love you, my darling, but I just spent an entire day staring or thinking at everyone’s money, but mine. Let’s not start.

That might have been harsh. While we have a vague understanding of how much we are going to be spending (*cough* too much *cough*), we do need to set aside a time to look at what our priorities are.

Do we want a house in 5 or less years? How about longer travel? What about kids?

All valid questions that we need to sort through, I suppose. But dear God, not when I just came from a budgeting course.

At this point, I think it would be more productive to throw money at a couple wedding vendors and tell ’em to run free with it. Ugly chair bows? WHY NOT. Overexposed photos of posed drunk family members eating friend chicken off of paper plates? GO FOR IT, REDNECKS!

At least I wont have to deal with a budget.


2 Responses to “Budgeting”

  1. maggie January 18, 2012 at 10:30 pm #

    Giiiiirl, let’s get together. I have so many tips and I am thirsty for wine and catch-up time with you!

    • ohmybears48 January 19, 2012 at 3:13 am #

      Your wedding is MY DREAM WEDDING. I’m also trying to do vintage (at a vintage store.. should’t be hard…) feel! Let’s get together soon!

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