Day 3 of the Weekly Challenge

3 Nov

Day 3… and not much happened.

I have class on Wednesday, so fitness is at a zero. I guess I could wake up in the morning and go, but since I am at work/class till 9:30pm, I prefer to enjoy my extra hour in bed.

Anyways, because of class, I didn’t get much done. No paper writing, no knitting, no actual relaxation. I came home, made dinner, watched Modern Family and headed to bed. I’m not even sure if I managed to get through a Doctor Who episode… GAH.

Somebody find me the Tardis and let's rewind!


So, that was my yesterday. Exciting, huh?

Here’s my nutrition wrap up. I did fairly well. I could have done without the little bags of chips and cookies…

Tonight’s goals are:

  • Finish my paper!
  • Make dinner (chicken and pasta)
  • Run a 5K and do strength training
  • Drink 8 cups of water (currently at 4)

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