Chicago Bucket List

29 Aug

So. My last post was a bit sad. I keep thinking over how I really haven’t done much during my Summer. I can sum up the highlights pretty quickly:

  1. Went to soooo many Dance Dance Party Party sessions
  2. Celebrated my birthday on the roof with a kickass dinner and then went to Six Flags
  3. Watched panoramic fireworks from every angle of the city
  4. Ran a 5K with my niece cheering me on, a 10K in 90+ degree temps, and made it through my first Half Marathon
  5. Had a sleepover with the same niece where we I got burnt at the beach, had a lovely dinner date with the robot monkeys, walked in the Faces Fountain, and sang along to Beauty and the Beast in our private balcony seats.
  6. Two FIRE games with my favorite Ginger. During one of them, we had our own waitress to bring us our salted pretzels.
  7. Sang along with Paul Simon, Peter Gabriel, Flaming Lips, Decemberists, and Paul McCartney
  8. Applied for my Master’s degree

I might have missed something, but those were the key events. I really didn’t travel much or spend a ton of money on any one thing.

All of this got me thinking. Without the ability of traveling, I need to make a Chicago Bucket List- a list of things I’ve always wanted to do in this city but haven’t had a chance.

1. Hot Dougs- It’s true- I’ve never been there before. But oh have I lusted after this place and their tricked out hot dogs. Seriously, they have a rattlesnake hot dog on the menu this week!

2. Bulls and Blackhawks game- My professional sport teams have included the Cubs, Sox, Bears and the Fire. And while I’ve seen the Wolves play, I have never seen the Blackhawks. And I’d really like to break out those 1996 Bull horn hats we got as kids. Maybe I still have my Jordan jersey?

3. Take banjo lessons at the Old Town School of Folk Music- I learned guitar from 3 sessions, now I want to take it to the next logical step in the hippy progression and take some banjo classes. This is a serious goal. It will happen.

4. Find the Mac and Cheese food truck… or any food truck for that matter- I hear it’s amazing. So why can I never find it!

5. Watch and then participate in the Chicago Marathon- Have I not talked about this enough?

6. Ice skate at Millennium Park- First step: Learn how to ice skate.

7. Bike the Drive down Lake Shore Drive- Or, just get a bike.

8. Full Moon Fire Dance- This apparently happens right outside our apartment. But it’s where a ton of fire dancers go on full moons to do some pyro dances and drum circle it up. There’s one on the 12th, so I might just have to go…

9. See an opera at the Lyric Opera- As someone with a degree in music, the fact that I haven’t gone to see an opera here is alarming. Very, very alarming.

10. Kayak on the lake and river- This is supposed to be an AWESOME tour of the city, and the rates are pretty reasonable. But the stench of the river might be a bit too much for me to handle.

I could add more… a lot more. But now I’m interested. What would you add to my Chicago bucket list?


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