Weekend Warrior

27 Jun

I’m going to just be completely honest and say that my weekend wasn’t much of anything. I ate horribly (McDonald’s, gnocchi, stadium food, alcohol… etc.) and I worked out at a minimum. I’m pretty sure the only time my heart rate got to the cardio level was when I watched Michael Bradley score the first goal for the USMNT v Mexico Gold Cup game… which they promptly lost.

I did get in a run. Finally. 5 miles on Sunday, right before I headed down to Toyota Park for the Chicago Fire game.

And since this post has nothing to do with anything in particular, enjoy this AWESOME proposal in Section 8, the hardcore cheering section for the Chicago Fire. Dear Man of My Dreams: Please do this:

Speaking of which, Fire game was great. I won, sort of, club tickets. We were going to go anyways, since it is my birthday week and birthday weeks require Chicago Fire games. But the club seats were pretty much icing on my proverbial cake. We had our own waitress, got to go in through the swanky club (air conditioned) access, a private store, and super clean bathrooms! Ginger and I spent much of the game gossiping and discussing my life choices.

Conclusion: When someone in your life isn’t supportive or even present, it’s ok to do immature things. (Win)

Highlight of this weekend: Workouts in the park. Is there anything more lovely than doing yoga in Millennium Park, which happens to be my favorite place in the whole US? The sun is shining down as you cat and dog your way through poses, and the atmosphere is pretty inviting and calming. You dont find that often, even in home practices of yoga. Often, when I do my sun salutations in the morning, I do them with a bajillion things running through my head- what I’m going to wear, how work will go, can I eat a bagel today… etc. But doing them in a park, on a Saturday, with the world driving past you… well, a clear mind is the only thing it results in for me. 

So, with a pretty sweet farmer’s tan, a heart pumped up with cholesterol, and a somewhat clear mind… this week begins. It’s my birthday week, so please be kind.


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