23 Jun

So many races coming up. So many concerts too. Even though I’m poor, I’ve managed to fill these Summer months up nicely.

Here’s my list:

7 days till my 24th birthday (June 30th)- I actually have terrible, terrible birthdays that usually involve me crying… so not really looking forward to this. I am, however, taking Thursday and Friday off so I essentially have a 5 day vacation. On my to do list is to run 12 miles the day of, visit a museum, lay on a beach, or go to 6 Flags. Depends on my mood. Ideally, I’d like to go away on a vacation, but my birthday falls on 4th of July weekend, so that ain’t happening.

24 days till my next 10K race (July 17th)- Got a free entry to the Fleet Feet Women’s 5k/10k. It’ll be a good prep for my first Half in August. The last 10K I ran was in 35 degree, rain, wind, lake water weather. I’m hoping this will be better! Any race where the wind doesn’t physically stop you from moving forward is good enough for me!

32 days till the Decemberists concert (July 25th)- This will be my second Decemberists concert! The first show, I had won tickets, but I actually wasn’t a huge fan of the band. I was going through (and still am) a electro-indie-rock thing and the Decemberists were way in the other direction. But after that show, I was hooked!

38 days till Paul McCartney concert (July 31st)- I just sold both sets of my extra tickets, so dont even ask. This is, as mentioned in my last post, the latest stop in the “Oh My God! My Idols Are Getting Old and Out of Shape” tour. Cannot wait!

52 days till Chicago Rock n Roll Half Marathon (August 14th)- Originally, the reason why I was running was to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon next February, but life plays tricks and I was left wondering if I could afford a trip to Disney. In a panic (and with coupons in hand), I signed up for the Rock n Roll Half so that I would continue to have some goal in mind. I’m one of those people that if I’m not signed up for a race… I wont run. I need something to be constantly training for. After this race, I will switch over to an indoor tri goal for the winter and then start my training for the 2012 Chicago Marathon.


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